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ElliptiGO 8S At its core, the ElliptiGO 8S is a fitness device that emulates running outdoors without the associated impact. Many different names for the product have emerged recently, including elliptical exercise cycle, stand-up bike, mobile elliptical trainer, mobile cross-trainer, and outdoor elliptical trainer. Regardless of the moniker, there are four fundamental attributes of an elliptical bicycle:

  • It is used outdoors
  • It has two wheels
  • It is propelled by an elliptical motion that emulates running
  • It performs similarly to a conventional road bike in terms of speed and handling

Elliptical bikes enable people to take low-impact weight-bearing exercise outdoors. Studies show that people tend to exercise longer, more intensely, and more consistently when they are able to do so outdoors. As a result, elliptical bikes provide people with a great way to get fit and stay active for years to come.

  • Frame: 5 Years
  • Fork, Drive Arms, Crank Arms, Steering Column: 2 Years
  • All other components, Paint, Decals: 1 Year

Wheelbase 54" (137cm)
Operating Height 50 - 57" (127 - 147 cm)
Cruising Speed 15 mph (24 kph)
Total Length 75" (190.5 cm)
Weight 40 lbs.
Sprinting Speed 23+ mph (37+ kph)
Frame 7005-T6 aluminum
Propulsion System Patented Elliptidrive technology
Headset 1.5" threadless
Steering Column Custom Forged 6061-T6 aluminum, folding with patent pending roto-lock safety technology
Stem 120mm x 7 deg.
Front and Rear Brakes Linear Pull
Grips Ergonomic MTB
Shifter Shimano Alfine SL-S500 trigger-shifter
Front Wheel 20" aluminum aero profile rim, 28-spoke, radial
Chainring 53-tooth 7075-T6 aluminum
Sprocket Shimano 16-tooth
Track System Integral with modular inserts (pat. pending)
Drive arms Multi-Modulus Carbon Fiber Monocoque
Fork 20" double butted chro-moly with 1.5" seerer tube
Steering Extender Telescopically adjustable height with anti-rotation indexing
Cranks Custom Forged 7075 T-6 aluminum with Variable Stride Length (VSL) Technology (pat. pending)
Brake Levers MTB
Handlebar Aluminum MTB riser, 50mm rise, 670mm wide
Hub Shimano Alfine SG-S5018-speed, internally geared (307% range)
Rear Wheel 20" aluminum aero profile rim, 32-spoke, left- 0X, right -2X
Tires 20" x 1.5" 60TPI, 100-psi
Bottom Bracket Isis Drive

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What An Amazing Workout!

by Drew on 03/24/2011

I took the ElliptiGo 8s home two weeks ago and have since logged about 25 miles on it and I have to say it is an exhilarating workout! Their slogan is "Run Without Impact" and that couldn't be more spot on. After a 5 mile session, I could tell I got a similar cardiovascular workout to running, but my knees didn't hurt. You don't realize how much hard it is than a traditional bike because of the weight-bearing aspect and drag created by increased wind resistance. The best way I can describe the workout is taking your elliptical workout from the gym or inside your home -- outside. It does not have a diffucult learning curve either. This is a groundbreaking product, I would recommend it to anyone. I am totally hooked!


Perfect for the beach!

by Isaiah on 06/02/2011

I go down the beach on weekends and typically go for a run or bike ride in the mornings to get myself going and get some fitness in. My buddy showed me this ElliptiGO and we took them out for a ride, it looks like a fun ride and it was but I'll tell you right now it will give you a great workout! I had a really fun time getting up to fast speeds but I was exhausted and accomplished a great workout after about 30 minutes! HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT.


Most Fun Workout

by Adam on 06/06/2011

The ElliptiGo is such an amazing innovation. It provides such a great workout without any stress on the knees. I love running but hate the aches I sometimes get in my knees. With the ElliptiGo, I never have to worry about anything other than having fun and getting a good workout. When I first saw it, my major concern was how difficult would it be to ride but I soon realize it's easier than a bike. I love my ElliptiGo and I highly recommend it everyone to try it.


Love it!

by Sara on 06/13/2011

I got my ElliptiGO late December 2010. Rode through all the sub 20 degree days and even once the roads were cleared after the usual winter snow storms. I used to be a long distance runner but it thrashed my knees. After years of wishing I could run again I am experiencing a similar thrill on my GO but w/o straining or further damaging my knees. It's exhilarating! If you like speed (or not) and fresh air in your face you'll love the ElliptiGO!


Still as Exciting as the First Day

by Anonymous on 06/27/2011

I've had my ElliptiGo for almost 3 months now and I ride it everyday. Before I first bought it, I was hoping that I would have enough motivation to continue to ride it because I was thinking it may not stay exciting but I couldn't have been further from the truth. Every day on the ElliptiGo feels like the first day. I still get the same amazing workout and I'm still motivated as ever to take it out for a ride. The best part about it is as much as I ride my ElliptiGo, I never get any joint pain like I use to from running all the time. The ElliptiGo is definitely among one of the best investments I've ever made.



by Di on 09/11/2011

I purchased my ElilptiGO approximately 4 mos ago, it is absolutely the best money I have ever spent, and I have blown a bit ..lol. Five years ago I had knee relplacement surgery, due to my early sports days, running, basketball, track and other extra curricular activites. I love my GO, I feel like I am running like a doe. I would reccomend this product to anyone that likes to feel free. Another plus for the GO is the handability on walking/bike paths, I love being able to slow to a stop and then make a move to pass the walker, it creates an interval workout. I am soo greatful for your invention it gave me back running...you rock!

ElliptiGO 8S

ElliptiGO 8S

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