Octane Fitness xRide xR6000 Seated Elliptical


Octane Fitness xRide xR6000 Seated Elliptical

102568-001 Octane Fitness xRide xR6000 Seated Elliptical
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Only available in-store in Delaware, PA (Harrisburg), and VA (VA Beach & Richmond).

Octane Fitness xRide xR6000 - Great Ride, Great Workout

Challenge your members to test ride the xRide xR6000 for a workout to remember. Quite simply, the xRide xR6000 outperforms any other seated product on your fitness floor. Studies show that exercisers use 343% more glutes and burn 23% more calories on the xRide xR6000 compared to a recumbent bike.* Meeting the goals of every member, the xRide's tremendous range of resistance levels, innovative workouts and enormous versatility are unmatched.

The xRide xR6000 includes many program options and customizable interval programs that let your members make each workout their own. With heart-rate controlled programs, constant output programs (measure in METs or watts), the innovative 30:30 performance program, and Octane's unique workout boosters (Muscle Endurance, Chest Press and Leg Press),your users and personal trainers will find everything they need to get a great workout every time.

The xRide xR6000 from Octane Fitness – the inspired new way to fuel your club!

*Study conducted by St. Cloud State University Human Performance Lab versus a recumbent bike at the same perceived exertion.

Unsurpassed Quality
Every Octane Fitness standing or seated elliptical cross trainer is made to exacting standards with only the best components and expert craftsmanship. During our quest to develop the ultimate elliptical cross trainer, we continuously tested our design for ergonomics and durability. Before we even built units, we were performing computer simulation testing, called finite element analysis (FEA).

We put prototype units on robotic testers to simulate the rigors of heavy use all day, every day. Then we moved into health clubs, where we encouraged exercisers to use and abuse prototype and production units.

Because Octane Fitness stands for excellence, quality is assured with continuous (24/7) robotics testing.


  • Parts: 3 Years
  • Labor: 1 Year

xR6000 — A Truly Motivating Ride


  • Active Seat Position — promotes proper body position for comfortable, effective workouts
  • MultiGrip handlebars — change grip position to focus on push/pull motion and isolate different muscles
  • Muscle Endurance — provides challenge and variety to build power
  • Chest Press — focus on the upper body with strength-building sets of increased resistance
  • Leg Press — lower-body only for power and drive
  • Superior electronics — 16 pre-programmed workouts, simplified keypad and enhanced messaging keep users motivated and informed
  • Digital contact heart rate sensors on stationary handlebars — let all users take advantage of heart rate controlled programs
  • Adjustment buttons on stationary handlebars — facilitate mid-ride workout changes
  • Convenient step-through design — easy access for users
  • Solid, space-efficient platform — Significantly shorter and more narrow than other premium ellipticals or treadmills, affording better use of your floor space

Upper Body - Build and Tone Muscle
xRide xR6000 features MultiGrip handlebars with 5 hand position for comfort, variety and isolation of different muscle groups. The moving handlebars' long range of motion facilitates greater muscle involvement and more effective upper body use. Upper-body development is also enhanced by these great features:

  • Chest Press — workout booster integrates cardio with power-building sessions focused on the chest, arms and back
  • Built-in stationary foot pegs — let you focus solely on upper body movement and muscle development
  • 30 resistance levels — challenge users to 'press' more to build strength

Lower Body

  • Power Stroke - The xRide xR6000 is designed to deliver a comfortable yet challenging lower body workout with these great features.
  • Convenient step-through — design makes it easy to get on and off the machine from either side
  • 20 seat height positions and 5 tilt settings — facilitate comfort and proper exercise position for most users
  • Active Seat Position — ensures the lower body is fully engaged in the effort, not just 'along for the ride'.
  • Leg Press — workout booster challenges glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves with higher-resistance lower-body only repetitions
  • Oversize soft grip pedals — allow for variety and comfort in foot placement


  • Muscle Endurance, Chest Press and Leg Press - Tworkout boosters that kick up the resistance and challenge exercisers to work every part of the body
  • Custom interval programs — enable exercisers and trainers to easily design personal workouts based on heart rate response or resistance levels
  • 30:30 interval workout — developed exclusively for Octane by Athlete's Performance; an intense aerobic and anaerobic workout
  • 16 preset resistance programs — including three customizable interval routines
  • 30 resistance levels — challenge users of all abilities
  • Enhanced console — with simplified keypad, expanded message center and improved display ergonomics
  • Watts and METS readouts — for even more accurate feedback
  • Digital contact heart rate sensors and wireless heart rate ready — so all users can take advantage of heart rate programs and features
  • CSAFE and FitLinxx compatible — to meet your clubs' data management needs
  • Optional LCD mounting arm


Mechanical Features
MultipGrip handlebars Yes
Step-through design Yes
Oversized soft grip pedals Yes
Stationary foot pegs Yes
1-time adjustable handlebar position Yes
Stationary handlebars Yes
Seat height adjustments 20
Seat tilt adjustments 5
Water bottle/accessory holders 2
Reading rack Yes
Integrated transport wheels Yes
LCD TV mount option Yes
Electronic Features
On-the-fly programming Yes
Quick Start Yes
Cool down Yes
HeartLogic Intelligence Yes
Wireless heart rate ready Yes
Fingertip controls on stationar handlebars Yes
Digital contact heart rate sensors Yes
CSAFE compatible Yes
FitLinxx compatible Yes
Self-powered Yes
Resistance levels 30
Product Specifications
Max User Weight 400 lbs
Footprint - live area 36.5" x 71.5" (927mm x 1816mm)
Product Weight 320lbs (145Kg)
Product Height 55.5" (141 cm)


Number of Programs 16
Preset Resistance Programs
Manual Yes
Random Yes
Interval Yes
Hill Yes
Custom Interval Yes
10K Yes
Heart Rate-controlled Programs
Fat Burn Yes
Cardio Yes
Heart Rate Interval Yes
Heart Rate Custom Interval Yes
Heart Rate Hill Yes
Heart Rate Speed Interval Yes
Advanced Programs
New Leaf® Custom Yes
Constant Watts Yes
Constant METs Yes
30:30 interval Yes
Workout Boosters
Muscle Endurance Yes
Leg Press Yes
Chest Press Yes

Customer Ratings & Reviews


Exercise Log

by Nina Clare Helms on 01/10/2011

With all the technology on my Octane XR6e, I am surprised that there isn't an exercise log and an odometer to keep up with total distance on the machinge. I use it individually.


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Octane Fitness xRide xR6000 Seated Elliptical

Octane Fitness xRide xR6000 Seated Elliptical

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