Precor TRM 885 Treadmill


Precor TRM 885 Treadmill

PHRCT8853611EN Precor TRM 885 Treadmill
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Precor TRM 885 Treadmill

Precor TRM 885 Treadmill

The Precor TRM 885 Treadmill is the top-of-the-line treadmill for commercial facilities, renowned for its performance and durability. A 3° decline option and maximum speed of 16 mph are unique to the Precor TRM 885. Equipped with Integrated Footplant Technology™ (IFT) and Ground Effects® Impact Control (GFX), the Precor TRM 885 delivers a smooth and natural feel when running or walking.

Precor Treadmill History

For the past 30 years, Precor has designed and produced treadmills to withstand the most trying environments and the most demanding users. Every Precor treadmill provides remarkable cushioning so you can enjoy walking and running with minimal impact on your joints and back. We introduced the first cushioned treadmill in 1990 and have been improving on it ever since, striving to bring you the most comfortable workout possible, besting 27 competitors. In 2010, our 9.31 premium treadmill won the Top Treadmill award by a leading consumer rating publication. By providing superb comfort, we make it easier for you to work out longer and more often.

Precor TRM 885 Treadmill Console

Precor TRM 885 Treadmill Console Features

  • P80 15" Touchscreen/TV/iPad Console
  • QuickStart™, Tactile Dome Keys, QuickStart™, Motion Controls, Numeric Keypad, Muscle Monitor
  • Languages include Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish
  • 21 Preset Programs * all programs are listed below
  • 20 Electronic Readouts * all programs are listed below
Precor TRM 885 Treadmill

Precor TRM 885 Treadmill Heart Rate Monitoring

  • Touch heart rate sensors located on fixed handlebars for increased accuracy and ease-of-use by users of all sizes.
  • Equipped for heart rate telemetry reading using a chest strap.
Precor TRM 885 Treadmill

Ground Effects® Impact Control.

Reduing fatigue and helping users maintain even speed, the Precor TRM 885 Treadmill's patended system combines ideal cushioning where feet land and vital stability where they push off.

Integrated Footplant Technology™.

The Precor TRM 885 Treadmill offers Precor's patented belt system that adjusts belt velocity 1000 times per second to match natural changes in foot speed, producing a smooth, rhythmic stride and reducing the jarring impact that can stress joints and cause injuries.

Ease of use.

Precor treadmills are designed with easy-to-read, navigable consoles that make sense. With the QuickStart™ feature, you'll be on your treadmill and exercising with the touch of a button.


  • 21 Preset Programs include Lose Weight, Fat Burner, Aerobic, Aerobic Plus, 4-3 Interval, Heart Rate Zone, Be Fit, Manual, 1:1 Interval, 2:1 Interval, 4:1 Interval, Rolling Hills, Mountain Peaks, Heart Rate Zone, Get Toned, Glute Toner, Glute Toner Plus, Leg Sculpt, Leg Sculpt Plus, Push Performance, 1-4 Interval, 1-2 Interval, 5K, Heart Rate Zone, Test Your Fitness, Gerkin Fitness Test
  • 20 Electronic Readouts include Total Distance, Distance Remaining, Target Distance, Total Calories Burned, Calories/Min, Calories/Hr, METS, Watts, Target Time Elapsed, Time Remaining, Time in Zone Segment, Strides/Min Average, Strides/Min, Total Strides, Heart Rate Average, Heart Rate Max, Heart Rate Target, Heart Rate
  • Maximum Workout Time 120 minutes
  • Maximum Pause Time 120 seconds
  • Elevation system generates up to 1000 lbs of thrust and operated in compression for reliable operation.
  • Steel tapered rollers keep the belt centered to reduce maintenance and noise.
  • Two-step powder-coating process applies rust-resistant undercoat and cosmetic topcoat to steel frame.
  • Safety clip attached to emergency stop switch to immediately turn off power bringing treadmill to a gentle stop. Stopswitch has no magent to lose and has a guard to prevent inadvertent activation.
  • Power-factor correction reduces energy consumption by up to 30%.
  • The drink and accessories holder(s) is conveniently located and ideally constructed for portable music players.
  • Integrated Transport Wheels.
  • Precor's optional cable management raceway makes it simple for you to keep your facility organized and attractive. With this complete system, you can easily protect cables from damage and maintain an orderly, aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Commercial Warranty

Frame 7 Years
Parts (mechanical & electronic) 2 years
Wear Items 1 *High wear items including headphone jack, USB connector and iPod connector are covered for 90 days
Labor 1 **The P80 console is covered by a 2-year labor warranty
AC Motor 5 Years
Equipment Specifications
Speed Range (mph / km/h) 0.5 - 16 mph / 0.5-25.5 km/h
Decline / Incline Range -3% decline to 15%incline in 0.5% increments
Motor IFT-Drive controller works with a 4 HP peak duty AC induction motor for a smooth, natural feel. 3-phase, sensorless variable frequency drive technology for high reliability and accurate speed control.
Maximum User Weight (lbs / kg) 500 lbs / 227 kg
Step-up Height (inches / cm) 11.6 inches / 29.5 cm
Running Surface (L X W) (inches / cm) 60 X 20 inches / 153 X 51 cm
Roller Diameter (inches / cm) 4 inches / 10.2 cm
Power Cord Management ICE 320-C19 inlet supporting Schuko and BSI plugs
Handrail Length (inches / cm) 24 inches / 61 cm
Equipment Dimensions and Weight
Length 88 inches / 224 cm
Width 35 inches / 89 cm
Height 70.5 inches / 179 cm
Equipment Weight 466 lbs / 212 kg
Shipping Dimensions and Weight
Length 90 inches / 229 cm
Width 38 inches / 97 cm
Height 24 inches / 61 cm
Shipping Weight 471 lbs / 214 kg
Power Requirements
Equipment Powered
Personal Viewing Screen (PVS) Powered. Individual visual entertainment incorporating digital technology.
U.S. & Canada 120 vac Dedicated 120V/20A circuit with 5-20R NEMA receptacle
U.S. & Canada 240 vac Dedicated 240V/20A circuit with 6-20R NEMA receptacle
International 240 vac IEC 320-C19 inlet supporting Schuko and BSI plugs
Cord Length 3.7 m / 12 ft
CE Yes
EN957 Yes
Home Warranty When Precor commercial series equipment is purchased for home use, our home equipment warranty applies.
Frame 7 Years
Parts (mechanical & electronic) 2 years
Wear Items 1 *High wear items including headphone jack, USB connector and iPod connector are covered for 90 days
Labor 1 **The P80 console is covered by a 2-year labor warranty
AC Motor 5 Years
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Customer Ratings & Reviews


Great treadmill

by Zach on 02/26/2014

Pros: Wonderful treadmill, runs very smooth and requires virtually no maintenance %0ACons: Very expensive, not sure if any treadmill is worth this price.


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Precor TRM 885 Treadmill

Precor TRM 885 Treadmill

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